Michael's Army (of love)

As we remember Michael Jackson, we naturally want to both preserve and protect his legacy, but we also want to ensure that his work and his heart for the suffering lives on inside each one of us.  In a way, we have become akin to his footsoldiers in his absence; soldiers that use love as our only weapon.

Here are a few ways - other than donating - in which you can be a valuable member of Michael’s Army of love:

Spread the word about MJL through social networking, by word of mouth in your community, and through contacting likeminded friends and organisations.

Advertise events and/or appeals in your church/community group/fan groups.

Design, print and/or put up posters or give out flyers about our projects.

Become an official fundraiser for your country or area.

Sponsor one of the children in memory of Michael.

Organise an event among friends to raise money and to direct attention to our work – maybe a coffee morning, car boot, or sponsored walk/dance.

Pray for all the tasks that we need to accomplish in order to create a better world.

Sign up for emails so that you will be informed of any latest developments, and don’t forget to join our Facebook Page.

Let us know if there is anything at all that you can contribute and in what way you might be able to help.