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One of the main ways of helping to bring Michael’s dreams to fruition is to make a donation to one of the projects we are working on, in Michael’s memory. 

Every project we focus on brings us a step closer to realising his dreams for a better world. As a registered charity, MJL relies on the generosity of individuals to support projects.

You can find out about our latest project via the 'latest news' section of this website, or alternatively by following our Facebook Page.

Michael himself showed us that anything is possible with enough self-belief, faith, courage and determination, and since we launched back in 2011, so many of you have followed in his footsteps to help create that better world he dreamed of. 

No matter how large or how small, your donation will be so valuable and will culminate in something that would make Michael proud. We can’t do this alone, but there is nothing that is impossible if we all unite as one.

Thank you all!