Everland Liberia




 This site was launched on 7th August 2011.  In just two weeks, fans and their families and friends spanning seven countries successfully raised all the funds necessary for the first stage of our first mission - the building of a children's home in Michael's memory. The first stage involved clearing and excavating of the land.  By the end of October 2011, and just as the jury went into deliberation in the trial of Conrad Murray, we had raised all the money for the concrete foundations and the digging of the trenches. 

At the beginning of November 2011, we began the most exciting and yet challenging part of the journey in raising money for Stage 3: the brickwork.  This is the largest stage in the entire process, and it will entail raising more money than we have raised or need to raise in any other stage. We thus expect it will take some time to accomplish. However, fans and their friends, families and work colleagues exceeded all expectations donating well over £1000 in December 2011 alone - our best month to date.  We had hoped to have 25% of the funding raised by the end of the year, and in fact, we ended the year with well over that! What's more, we started the new year with two little girls fully sponsored for 2012.

By 17th January 2012, generous fans from 19 different countries had enabled us to collect £5000: a third of the monies needed to build the orphanage!  It seemed like a miracle to have collected so much in just five and a half months, but Michael's fans continue to drive this project forward towards the goal. January 2012 was a slower month than December 2011, as could be expected, but several things happened throughout the month which ensured that progress never stood still.  One faithful fan allowed us to auction her precious rare Italian magazine L'Oumo Vogue, with Michael gracing the cover. Then another dedicated fan decided to sell numerous treasured items from his collection to benefit the cause.  In addition to this, Michael's friend and renowned artist, Nate Giorgio, sent our Susie several stunning paintings on rice paper for us to auction after she wrote and told him about the Everland project.  Given that Nate Giorgio's work is often only sold through private commissions, these paintings are likely to raise several thousand pounds for the building and get us much closer to the amount needed to start the work!

On 31st January 2012, we held 'Listen for Liberia', our first fundraising event.  An open mic night in Maidenhead, UK, it raised over £500 towards the brickwork thanks to several talented musicians who gave of their time and talents freely in order to help build Everland. This event, plus purchases and donations from fans who by now were spread across 22 countries, catapulted the funds for Everland to over £6000.  Just six months since MJL was borne out of grief and sadness, we needed less than £1000 to complete the funding for the brickwork.  

February was a slow month in which we raised just over £400 in donations, but by this time we had five children sponsored in Michael's memory by caring fans as far afield as Italy, the USA, Ireland and Vietnam. We were also humbled and blessed to have Dr Patrick Treacy join us as our Honorary Ambassador.

March was an incredible month for MJL and Everland. We had forty donors who gave a massive £1606 ($2571.69 USD) between them, which culminated in the brickwork funding - our most challenging stage of all - being completed by mid-month, and over half the roof funded by the end of the month. By the end of March, we needed just over £800 ($1281 USD) to complete the roof, and by this time had nine children sponsored in Michael's memory. 

April 2012 was another incredible month for MJL and Everland. 37 donors together with purchases and other initiatives brought in an incredible £1227 ($1990 USD), resulting in the completion of the roof fundraising by 18th April and around a third of the window funding complete by the end of the month. This was helped along by our Honorary Ambassador, Dr Patrick Treacy, who kindly donated a genuine signature of Michael's for auction.  Our talented artist Mimi draw a gorgeous picture of Michael as 'King Sani' and both were successfully auctioned, raising $625. Of that, $550 went towards buying the pastor and overseer of the project a laptop, to enable him to send back pictures of the building going up, and the rest was added to fundraising for the windows.  By the end of April 2012, four more children had been sponsored in Michael's memory, raising the total to 13 children getting an education, school equipment, clothing and sufficient food, thanks to fans around the world! 

May 2012 was a very exciting month in the history of MJL. By 8th May, all 17 children on the website were being fully sponsored by fans worldwide, and by 10th, in large part due to a huge gift by a donor wishing to remain anonymous, fundraising for the brickwork was fully completed. In fact, in the month of May alone, we raised over £2115 ($3253 USD) for the building. It was thus considered worth the risk to start the groundwork and land clearance began on 21st May 2012, followed shortly after by the digging of the trenches and foundations. Those who got involved early in the process saw their contributions to stage 1 and/or 2 take on a new meaning as we were able to share the very first pictures of Everland Children's Home taking shape. 

June 2012 saw the completion of the fundraising for the first ever orphanage built in Michael's memory. What a month! What was set to be a sombre month with the third anniversary of Michael's passing also proved to be an emotional month in many other ways too, with tears of joy intermingled with those of sadness and reflection.  exceeded all expectations by giving an unbelievable £4659 ($7219) in June alone, completing Stage 7, 8, 9 and 10!  Less than 11 months since the launch of this project, funds for the entire building was were secured. Forty-five donors came forward to give during the month, and Walk London for Liberia (MJL's first sponsored walk which was initiated and orchestrated by an invaluable long term supporter) raised almost £1400 alone. Subsequently, a large donation made on 22nd June, just one day after the builders began to start on the brickwork and just three days before a poignant date in which fans worldwide would hold Michael in rememberance, ensured the whole £15,000 for the building was secured. Hopelessness was being turned into hope; despair to encouragement.  The message is loud and clear. Nothing can bring Michael back, but those who care about his legacy will ensure that his message and his work will live on forever.  As the pastor overseeing the project in Liberia emailed as the brickwork began, "They killed our dreamer, but they cannot kill his dream." On 25th June, the workmen defied a downpour during Africa's rainy season and sang Michael's songs in the rain, in memory of the humanitarian star who inspired the project.

Throughout the summer months of 2012, the work on Everland Liberia continued.  Some days, the rain was too heavy to work, and on others, rain clouds gave way to glorious sunshine as a miracle began to take shape and donors began to see the exciting tangible results of their kind gifts. By Michael's birthday 2012, we had somewhat miraculously raised an additional £4000 worth of funding for 17 beds and mattresses, a bed and mattress for the matron, initial dining tables and chairs, interior and external paint for the walls, curtain rails and costly iron bars/metal sheets for every door and window to ensure the children's security. Fundraising for an essential generator which will provide power for the entire building began on 21st August 2012. After a record-breaking month, not only was funding for the generator provided by 30th August, but nine ceiling fans too.  Thanks to our talented artist, Mimi, we were able to offer the incentive of a beautiful personalised certificate of appreciation for donors who gave at least £10/15 USD in honour of Michael's birthday between 14th - 29th August inclusive. Not only did many fans give much, much more than the minimum amount, but this incentive resulted in over £2200 being raised in just two weeks, with over £600 collected on Michael's birthday alone!

During September and October work in Liberia progressed slowly due to very heavy rainfall and flooding. But whilst the work in Africa was slow, progression elsewhere was good, as Michael's faithful continued to give generously towards the 50 children's beds and mattresses required, some giving enough to buy an entire bed and mattress outright. We have been continually overwhelmed by the support and love given from across the globe. One supporter sent a huge box of medical supplies which had been deemed out of date and therefore useless at her hospital workplace, but these products are invaluable in Africa and were embraced with joy and profound gratitude.

Another supporter from the USA sent wrapped gifts to each of the 17 sponsored children, having previously requested all of their clothing sizes, and the photos of the children holding the gifts and smiling which we received in return were not only heartwarming, but showed just how well the children were thriving since being sponsored by fans around the world. A far cry from many of the pictures we received initially, these little ones now had shoes on their feet, were fully clothed, and had the most beautiful smiles on their faces.  

On 25th September 2012, after much paperwork diligently and tirelessly compiled by the team, and after many revisions and much invaluable advice by the Commission, we were recognised as an official charity in the UK.  The tax breaks, public trust and better ability to fundraise that all come along with charitable status means only one thing: more money and resources to implement those things that Michael truly cared about. It is a big step forward for everyone who cares about Michael's legacy of love and a big step forward for MJL which has, through the generosity, compassion and dedication of fans worldwide, come a long way in just over a year.We remain indebted to the many people who gave so much and trusted in us even before we gained charitable status and some cases, even before one brick was placed. A dream has to start somewhere and this one started with those who believed in it enough to see it through.

By 20th October 2012, Michael's faithful around the globe had funded no less than 35 beds and mattresses for the children. Just two weeks later, all fifty beds and mattresses destined for Everland were funded in their entirety. A generous long-term supporter donated some amazing MJ goodies from the 'Thriller' era in celebration of 30th November being thirty years since the release of the groundbreaking album that changed musical history forever. Those donating at least £10 or $15 through the month of November were placed in a draw to win every item in the goody bag and this encouraged some new donors to give alongside those who have never stopped giving since the project began. Meanwhile, over in Liberia, the plumber and electrian were busy working together on the home, while simultaneously, the welder was busy working on the door and window bars.

Incredibly, within a couple of days of the funding coming in for Stage 15 (the final 33 beds and mattresses), the funding was completed for the entire project! An influx of donations came in very quickly towards the end, with at least three donors giving £100 or more to help us all race along to the finish line. On the evening of 5th November, 2012, the building was completely funded, including generator and furnishings!  It was Guy Fawkes' Night in the UK, and it felt as though every one of the gloriously coloured fireworks fireworks lighting up the sky was exploding in celebration of this incredible groundbreaking achievement, every bonfire keeping Michael's flame and legacy of love alive.

We had hoped  to have Everland completed and the children safely inside by Christmas 2012, but delays due to flooding of the roads leading to the land earlier in 2012 stalled progress a little over there, while we were racing ahead with the fundraising. When the building work was started, it was a risk, and yet it turned out that all the funds were raised well before the work was completed.

In November 2012, a small group of us traveled over to Liberia to see Everland for the first time, and to inspect the building. While the progress had been slow - we weren't able to paint or put up curtains as we'd hope because the concrete floor wasn't down, nor were the windows in at this point - we were able to witness first hand the bumpy dirt track that leads to the building, and how difficult it must have been for workmen to travel this route with all the necessary materials. We were overjoyed to see how big the building is. The photos do not do justice to the sheer size of the place. And seeing the children's faces as they saw Everland for the first time on Dedication Day - 23rd November 2012 - brought us so much joy.

Just a month after our visit, our Honorary Ambassador, Dr Patrick Treacy, made a special trip to see Everland and to speak at the opening on Christmas Day. While we had hoped that this much-anticipated opening would indeed be the day in which the children would indeed walk through the doors and into their home, this wasn't to be, and is understandable, considering the fact that it had only been less than a month since our visit, and there was no realistic way the builders could have achieved so much in such a short space of time. In addition to this, the Children's Department understandably insist that any children's home is to be walled. This has to be completed within three months of the children moving into the home. Given that the building will soon contain furnishings and a generator, not to mention all the toys and gifts that were taken across during our team trip, we felt it would make good sense to raise funds for the essential wall and gate before moving all else inside, including furnishings, generator, and children!

From 5th November 2012 to 16th Janaury 2013, we successfully completed raising the £3000 ($4500) funds for an acre of protected woodland and bench to be dedicated in Michael's memory in the United Kingdom. This gave the workmen out in Liberia a chance to catch up a little. On 16th January 2013, it was time to return to Everland Liberia to start the fundraising for the essential wall and gate. Incredibly, nearing the end of January 2013, we had already raised over £1000 for this stage and by mid-March 2013, just two months into fundraising, fans had already given over one-third of the total needed to construct the wall and gate. During March-May 2013, we continued to raise funds for the wall and gate while the workmen out at Everland put the finishing touches to the main building and began to work on a (seperate) building which will comprise the dining room and kitchen . Bt the end of March, the plumbing was finished, the electric wires were all in, the interior concrete flooring was down, and the second coat of paint was being done.

And finally the BIG day arrived! In the midst of a heartbreaking trial pitting Michael's grieving mother Katherine against AEG Live, and alongside frivolous allegations which threatened to overshadow Michael's legacy and to twist HIStory, his determined and dedicated faithful from around the world ensured that his true and lasting legacy would live on into the distant future and beyond, in the lives of needy children that he so loved.  On 24th May 2013, the entire funding for Everland Liberia was complete.  The two buildings, the protective wall and gate, and even the generator and furnishings had all been fully funded in under 22 months.  On the following day, at Ailesbury Clinic in Ireland, artist David Ilan, together with our Honorary Ambassador Dr Patrick Treacy, were wrapping up MJTP's formidable unifying dot project by presenting the final two dots to Millie and Gavin, two children who Michael had wanted to meet after they suffered horrific injuries in a petrol bomb attack in 2006. The penultimate dots were also granted at this ceremony, and went to Everland Liberia, and the new project, Everland Haiti, respectively.   We were touched and honoured to see the Los Angeles-based artist place the dots in the centre of Michael's heart.  All the dots in Michael’s heart represent family, friends, colleagues, and others who were dear to Michael.

It was a beautiful end to many months of fundraising and somehow, it felt as though it was no coindence that two long-running projects seeking to unite fans in order to continue Michael's humanitarian legacy would culminate at a time when that very legacy was being threatened and his name maligned. Michael's fans have always been determined to counteract the heartless lies, betrayal  and ridicule that surrounded the star in life, and even more so, post-2009.  Everland Liberia is not only testimony to that determination that light overcome darkness, but a lasting testimony of his impact on the hearts of those whose lives he touched.  It is a groundbreaking project fulfilled only due to the powerful and lasting inspiration of a man whose only desire was to bring hope to the suffering, joy to the masses, and healing to a world full of pain. 

 Way to go, Michael's Army! You have all proved what Michael always knew. United as one we can make this a part of Michael's HIStory and ensure that his legacy of love continues. This is not the end, but just the beginning, as some very special children in a slum district of Liberia about to have their lives changed for the better.As far as we are aware, there has never been any other project for any other known figure that has achieved something on this scale in the developing world. This is truly a first, and it wouldn't have been possible without fans around the world who heard Michael's message, took it to heart, and set about making a difference, together and in love and unity.




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Chocolate Brown_coffee 

Thank you all so much for keeping Michael's legacy of love alive!