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The team visit a typical orphanage in Monrovia


During our team visit to Monrovia, we were given the chance to take a look at a typical orphanage in this poverty-stricken country, in order to help us understand how most Children's Homes are run. It was heartbreaking and made us realise that Everland would be like a palace in comparison.

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Discovering Monrovia: its people, poverty and potential


It is impossible to visit Monrovia without witnessing the utter devastation and wreckage caused by the 13-year-long civil war that wreaked havoc on Liberia. Thousands were brutally massacred and thousands more displaced. Women and children weren't spared, and many children live without parents to this day, because of the war.

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Liberia's enduring faith gives hope for a better tomorrow


Anyone visiting Liberia, and particular its capital of Monrovia, cannot fail to notice the deep Christian faith of its people, apparent in their humility, humbleness and work ethic, as well as in the vicinity through the incredible work being done, often against the odds,  through Christian churches, schools and individuals in the community.

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Team prepares for the Dedication of Everland Liberia


November provided little time to relax for the small team who headed out to Liberia for the Dedication of Everland. It was a journey that that would prove unforgettable. Carrying gifts, flags, clothing, blankets, cards, toys and practical items from kind-hearted supporters and sponsors, it was always destined to be a life-changing experience.

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Team see progress on Everland Children's Home, Liberia


In November 2012, with the building and all interior furnishings fully funded, it was time for our first team visit to Everland Children's Home, Liberia. The building work progressed faster than expected initially, but severe rains and storms throughout the summer months and into the fall slowed the work considerably.

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Michael Jackson's Legacy team visit schools in Monrovia

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Anyone who has visited Monrovia's slum communities will not fail to be touched by the plight and sheer poverty of the people, who have so little and yet remain happy, content and smile as if they are blessed in abundance.

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Marshmallows raise funds and are a sweet hit with the children

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On Saturday 9th June this year, simultaneous to MJL's 'Walk London for Liberia' sponsored walk, something beautiful was also happening over in Ireland.

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Michael's ‘Healing bed’ is destined for Everland Liberia!


Dr Patrick Treacy has generously pledged to the Everland project a hydraulic clinic bed that Michael Jackson was treated on at the Ailesbury Clinic in Dublin.

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In less than a year since MJL was founded, the roof of Everland is on!


Michael Jackson once said, "There is nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one" and his faithful are proving his statement true as fans across the world continue to build Everland Children's Home in the beloved star's memory.

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