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Everland contractual agreement

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Please read on to find out more about the agreement we have with Pastor Dekontee and his church in Monrovia, Liberia.



1. MJL (Michael Jackson’s Legacy) will procure donations for the Children’s Home. We will take sole responsibility for raising the money. When monies are raised, we will need to be able to verify any payments made.  Valid receipts must be provided for all donations. Any additional costs in exchanging and transferring money will be born by the donors. 

2. There will be openness and transparency on both sides relating to any important legal, tax or other such documents that are deemed to have any impact on the project.

3. Both parties will keep each other informed of their progress relating to the fundraising for and construction of the building at reasonable intervals.

4. In the course of fundraising, MJL will use various outlets, including social media, and a dedicated website, in order to maximise the potential for increasing donors and increasing the amount raised.

5. The name of the building will be officially registered as ‘Everland’.

6. Pastor Dekontee and his church in Monrovia will remain fully in control of all that happens in the day to day running and management of the Home.  Donors will not have any right to dictate, either now or in the future, how the Home is run or managed – their only concern will be in securing a building for the children and any ongoing help they can provide in order to ensure a better life for those at the Children’s Home.

7. On the successful completion of the building, an honorary commemorative plaque will be made and placed at the main entrance to the building and a roadside sign outside at the entrance.  The responsibility for making and delivering the plaque and sign will rest with the sponsor, whilst their upkeep will rest with the management at the Children’s Home.  It is proposed that the plaque will read: EVERLAND CHILDREN’S HOME - in memory of artist and humanitarian, Michael Jackson, whilst the roadsign will simply give the name of the Home coupled with the logo. The size of the plaque and roadside sign will be in keeping with others in the area.

8. It is proposed that two pictures will be placed inside the building, showing Mr Jackson with children in Africa.

9. Sponsors/donors will be able to visit from time to time, and, should they sponsor an individual child, they will be able to write to the child they have sponsored.

10. Sponsors/donors visiting Everland will be responsible for their own travel costs, and will be expected to give a donation towards their living costs should they stay at the Children’s Home. For those speaking English, language should not be a barrier, since English is the official language of Liberia.

11. Sponsors/donors will not be able to take the children off the premises unaccompanied at any time, and must adhere to and respect the rules of the Children’s Home and its policies at all times whilst staying on the premises.

12. Sponsors/donors will be able to bring literature, DVDs and other such media which will give the children a better insight into the life and legacy of the life of the man who inspired the building in which they will be living.  Dekontee and his wife, or whoever is in charge of the children’s welfare at the time of the donor’s visit, will reserve the right to ensure the suitability of any materials given to the children.