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From Liberia to Haiti, with Michael's L.O.V.E.

Haiti school

It is with a great sense of excitement that we can confirm the funding of Everland Haiti is now complete, it being the second children's home that Michael's faithful have enabled.


Haiti is a troubled place, the divide between rich and poor is great, and in the many poorer parts, due to lack of education or rape, very young girls are getting pregnant only to abandon them at the nearest hospital, or they throw them into the garbage. The partnership MJL has formed with the Haitian Leadership Foundation will ensure a safe and warm home for these otherwise neglected babies, and will enable appropriate education of troubled youngsters in order to prevent further spiralling problems which affect an entire society. 


Everland Haiti is situated in the Christian Village of Nod Dorcilien in Mirbalais. The total cost of the earthquake-proof building was $20,500 USD, and Michael's fans did it again. YOU funded the entire building which will cater for up to 30 babies and toddlers at any given time.


A staff of five women and a nurse will be employed with help from the Ministry of Social Affairs, with whom the Haitian Leadership Foundation have a good rapport. A wonderful lady called Gladys and her husband, the Bishop, will head up the project out there and ensure that it is a success on the ground. Between them, they have years of experience in helping destitute children. Gladys herself lived in the Congo for 20 years - no mean feat - before spending another 16 years doing humanitarian work in Haiti. They are now committed to building a village for at least 400 people, of which Everland Haiti will be an invaluable part. 



1. Legal fees                                                                          $500    (£333)       COMPLETED in three days!
2. Foundations including labour                                         $5800 (£3867)     COMPLETED
3. Blocks laid and plastered, including labour                  $5800 (£3867)      COMPLETED
4. Electrics, plumbing, doors, windows, paint, labour      $4700 (£3133)     COMPLETED
5. Double roofing and finishing, including labour             $3700 (£2467)     COMPLETED


We would like to thank our Honorary Ambassador,Dr Patrick Treacy, for helping us to find the perfect location, perfect people, and another desperately-needed project. We knew, of course, that Michael's faithful would once again step up the mark and do his legacy proud. Let's heal this world together and keep Michael's light shining brightly into the future.  If not us, whose hearts have been touched so profoundly by his life, then who?


Everland Haiti banner


Here are the incredibly special hearts that funded the building of Everland Haiti, listed from highest to lowest donor. Thank you all so much.

Heidi S USA  
Murielle H Netherlands
Davina M Canada  
Cynthia K USA  
Anne-Marie A Sweden  
Sonja F Germany  
Birgit C Germany  
Teodora K Bulgaria  
Manuela W Austria  
Door B Netherlands
Katherine A France  
Linda F Australia  
Christine W Sweden  
Jennie P Ireland  
Kimberly D USA  
Ann-Christin H Norway  
Anna Maria C Italy  
Karin R Germany  
Michelle J Australia  
Greta B Belgium  
Janice M England  
Angela M Ireland  
Kaye C Australia  
Valerie S USA  
Caritha M Sweden  
Mary P USA  
Petra H Germany  
Savannah No3 Germany  
Susan T USA  
Marie P New Zealand
Rachel G New Zealand
Deb M Australia  
Sue S England  
Maxine C Ireland  
Grazia, Sara, Annamaria, Ada and Melina Italy  
Mary A Australia  
Verena H Germany  
Sylvia S USA  
Ирина P Ukraine  
Diana F USA  
Joanna V Belgium  
Patrick T Ireland  
Jude L USA  
Gullvi E Sweden  
Kimberly L USA  
RG and JG Canada  
Theresa B USA  
Eva-Maria H Austria  
Jennifer B England  
Chris C England  
Barbara T USA  
Bettina J Germany  
Eleonora M USA  
Judith M USA  
Lucie, Dana & Katarina Slovakia  
Sharon K USA  
Irene E Netherlands
Lauren T USA  
Ashley B USA  
Tori T England  
Cadeflaw Advocates USA  
Jacqui/Forest Lawn Cards England  
Cindy J USA  
Rebecca B England  
Reinessa N USA  
Stamatia Y Canada  
Irene E Norway  
Anna M Brazil  
Aussie Blooms for Michael Australia  
Anne-Laure P France  
Teresa B England  
Karlene J Trinidad & Tobago
Samuele F Italy  
Carla H England  
Charlene B USA  
Joyce F USA  
Susan C USA  
Kerry H Australia  
Maria K Greece  
Marry A Netherlands
Carol Y England  
Nina H England  
Suzanne T England  
Carolina P Germany  
Charmaine P USA  
Misty P USA  
Petra S Germany  
Susanne S USA  
Susanne P Italy  
Christine W Netherlands
Sue N USA  
Cian C Ireland  
Darlene W Australia  
Jessika E England  
Stephen S England  
Irina W England  
Dee P England  
Diane F USA  
Barbara S Germany  
Andrea H England  
Becci H England  
Valerie S Scotland  
Annelie L Sweden  
Britanny T Unknown  
Deborah P USA  
Michael M England  
Yvonne V Netherlands
Elizabeth O USA  
Marcela T Brazil  
Tania D Australia  
Nina R Poland  
Ruthann L USA  
Jacqueline M USA  
Mado Greece  
Tina J England  
Donna T Australia