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Everland children receive Christmas cards from fans



Michael Jackson fans around the globe sent Christmas cards to needy children in Liberia throughout December 2011, and the children reacted with joy.

Michael Jackson fans and their families and friends are currently contributing towards building Everland Children’s Home in Liberia, in memory of the performer’s tireless humanitarian work. Liberia is one of the world’s poorest countries. Having suffered from war and poverty in recent years, its inhabitants now find themselves taking in an influx of children and adults from the neighbouring war-torn Ivory Coast. Once Everland is built, it will house the most vulnerable children, otherwise at risk of starvation, abuse or neglect. Many have lost parents in the most horrific of circumstances, whilst others have parents who have simply gone missing due to being unable to cope with both poverty and parenthood. AIDS is rife and many children die before reaching puberty. Everland will give refuge and hope to children from the slums of Liberia, in Michael of Michael Jackson's humanitarian work during his lifetime.


In December 2011, donors spanning 19 countries were given the chance to write cards to some of the children who will benefit from the project. Many of these children have never received a card from abroad. The pastor in charge of caring for the children told us: ‘When Elijah received his first card he was running through all the neighbourhood and showing it to his friends and all by-passers. He had everyone looking and laughing! This is just a little bit of happiness shown by the children. I can just imagine how it's going to look like when the work is completed and the children get in their new home.’


Below you will see a few of the children holding cards received from fans around the world during Christmas 2011.


Olivia with_cardJOY JEAWLEYFRANK NYUMAHFavor holding_card

Top left: Little Olivia is now able to go to school and she wears a new dress, thanks to a kind sponsor from Italy. Top right: Joy holds up one of the many cards she received at Christmas time. Bottom left: Frank proudly shows us a card he received from a fan from Pennsylvania. Bottom right: Favor excitedly shows off two of the many cards he received from donors in December 2011.