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MoonWalk for Michael is a collection of sponsored walks that take part around the globe to benefit MJL's worldwide initiatives.

MoonWalk for Michael - previously known as Walk the World for Michael -  began in 2013 after several supporters expressed an interest in organising a sponsored walk to benefit initiatives being run by MJL.  Walks are organised by dedicated supporters around the world; ordinary people with an extraordinary passion. They often take place on or around 29th August - Michael's birthday - but can be organised at any time throughout the year. So far, every organiser and participant has not only been successful in completing their walk, but has thoroughly enjoyed it!  Read more below if you would like to organise a walk. We would love to hear from prospective organisers and walkers.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael moon

So, why MoonWalk? Well, the obvious reason for re-naming the walk is because, since his spellbinding performance at the Motown 25th Anniversary special, Michael Jackson's name will always be synonymous with the Moonwalk. But there is much more linking the superstar to the moon than first meets the eye. His one and only biography was entitled Moonwalk and his 1988 film, entitled Moonwalker, culminated with a rendition of 'The Moon is Walking' by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. He recorded a song entitled 'Scared of the Moon' and his Neverland ranch logo, the inspiration behind the Dreamworks logo, depicts a young boy sitting in a cresent moon. What's more, the artist commissioned ultra-talented artist David Nordahl, our US Honorary Ambassador, in creating the painting 'Moonrise', depicting himself playfully walking with children in front of a large, glowing moon. 

Meanwhile, the stunning Michael Moon painting above was diligently and lovingly painted by our incredibly talented artist Siren and, while this Michael Moon depicts real craters, seas and other landmarks on the moon, their names have obviously been changed a little! All of them, that is, with the exception of Michael's own crater.  Yes, unbeknown to many, since July 2009 when it was announced by the governing board of Luna Society International, Michael Joseph Jackson has been designated his own crater on the moon, an honour bestowed on only a select few luminaries.


The crater, previously designated as Posidonius J is located in the real moon's Lake of Dreams (Lake of Dancing Dreams on our moon above) adjacent to a 1,200-acre plot of land owned by none other than Michael himself.  It is the largest of the 12 'satellite craters' in the Posidonius group, measuring 22 kms (13.5 miles) in diameter, and on a clear night it can be viewed using a typical home telescope!

In fact, Michael was one of the largest private owners of lunar property claims. In addition to his significant parcel in the Lake of Dreams, which he obtained in 2005 as he fought for his freedom and legacy, he also owned a smaller property in the Sea of Vapours.

Now, through organising a successful sponsored MoonWalk, YOU too can own a part of the moon (our Michael Moon above, that is!). Once you have completed your walk and the monies collected are sent, you - as the walk organiser - can choose one of the available locations below, according to how much you have raised (in GBP).

MJ Crater = £2,000+ (the crater named after Michael!)
Lake of Dancing DREAMS = £1,200+ (Michael's crater is in the Lake of Dreams)
Sea of VAPOURS = £900+ (Michael bought some property here)
Mission MOONWALK = £800+ (this area is where Apollo 11 landed 50 years ago!)
Ocean of LOVE = £700+
VICTORY Valley = £500+
THRILLER Sea = £500+
BAD Bay = £500+
DANGEROUS Mountain = £500+
HISTORY Hill = £500+
PETER PAN Place = £400+
CHILDHOOD Crater = £400+
NEVERLAND Valley = £400+
Sea of SUNFLOWERS = £300+
Ocean of HEARTS = £300+ OWNED by MOONWALK CANADA, which raised  £332.52 GBP  on 29 August 2020, to help build Everland Malawi, for children with special needs.
Hill of HOPE = £200+
Sea of SEVENS = £200+
Sea of SMILES = £200+
Sea of SEQUINS = £100+
MOTOWN Mountain = £100+
MUSIC Mountain = £100+
Sea of SONGS = up to £100 OWNED by MOONWALK CANADA, which raised £94.69 GBP on 29 August 2019, to help provide shoes for Malawian children through Heel Malawi.
LEGACY Lake =  up to £100

TOTAL AIM = £11,000 (APOLLO 11!)


Here's a snapshot of a few amazing walks held over the years:


Walk the World - Norway

The very first 'Walk the World' event was organised by long term supporter, Irene from Norway.  Irene designs the most beautiful cards and put her skills to work in making stunning cards which were given to sponsors and walkers and added a very special touch to this event. Irene and her amazing team comprising both children and adults went on to raise over £250 towards the brickwork of Everland Haiti Children's Home.

Irene and group of walkers   Walk the World - Irenes cards Oliver signing the walk completion cards Irene from Norway

Walk the World - Canada

On Michael's birthday 2013, four supporters walked 7 kilometres through Calgary, Canada. Walkers added a special touch by handing out Michaelised Canadian one dollar coins to those they met along the way. Organised by author Brenda Jenkyns, over £320 was raised and put towards the brickwork of Everland Haiti. 

Walk the World participants - Canada Canadian one dollar coins

Walk the World - United Kingdom

On 31st August 2013, inspired by the above and never one to ask without being willing to give, MJL's Founding Director Dee walked five kilometres through the UK's beautiful Hucking Estate woodland, starting and ending the walk at Michael's newly dedicated bench in Michael's Acre, and raising over £360 for the brickwork of Everland Haiti.

Dee at Michael's Acre P1050321