We would like to take the opportunity to thank some people who have made MJL possible.


Michael - of course - for the inspiration behind all that we are able to do and accomplish.

Those amazing hearts around the world that given generously - often again and again - in order to make magic happen.

Those who step forward with sincere intentions and offer their skills, time and energies, in order to see Michael's legacy shine.

Those quietly uplifting, helping and encouraging us behind the scenes, for your unlimited patience, love and support.

Faithful friends for spreading the word, and for never giving up on Michael or each other.

Every single person who is contributing in whatever way to help realise Michael’s living legacy.

And last but by no means least, to our father God, for making it all possible.

Here you can see a larger version of our logo.  See if you can spot all the special items in the tree!